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Chronicles of Nick® Series

For fans of the series, Drake's adventures with the pirates are highly regarded; the novel is also popular for its depiction of Drake's exploits in the areas of religion, war, power struggle, the courtroom, and the torture chamber. Paizo published this entry in its Planet Stories subscription reminiscent of the original Planet Stories. This is the last book in the series to be set entirely on the continent of Argan and deal with the events around which the early novels revolve. It is the story of Sean Sarazin, aka Watashi, who is the oldest son of the ruler of Argan's most powerful state, the Harvest Plains.

Although very ambitious, Watashi is barred by law from seeking power for himself.

The novel relates his attempts to make himself a ruler, both in the Harvest Plains and elsewhere. Along with book seven of the series, The Wazir and the Witch, this novel most clearly demonstrates Cook's liking, and talent, for writing about political intrigue.

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This volume is purportedly a manuscript written by a madman which has been extensively censored and annotated by hostile editors. It represents a break with the narrative of the previous five novels, being set at an earlier time and in a largely unconnected location. Although some of the characters from the Argan novels appear, the Wishstone and the Wonderworkers does not deal with the events of the Argan chronology the war launched by Elkor Alish and the fall of the Confederation of Wizards.

Instead it is concerned with events on the continent of Yestron, specifically on the tropical island of Untunchilamon which is subject to Yestron's rulers. This novel is the first to introduce the Nexus, the interstellar civilization which forms the distant backstory of the Chronicles. It provides an explanation of the history of the planet, and of how it came to be separated from the Nexus and plunged into the "Age of Darkness".

This seventh novel continues the story begun in book six. It is narrated by the same madman, this time writing at a later date at which he has, for the most part, recovered his sanity. In The Wazir and the Witch, Cook demonstrates as he did in book three his ability to write strong and nuanced female characters, considered atypical for adventure fantasy. It concerns the ruler of Untunchilamon, the Empress Justina.

Justina's enemy, Aldarch the Third, has triumphed in the political struggle on the continent of Yestron and Justina's rule is at an end. The novel relates her attempts to stay alive and in power long enough to flee the island with her supporters. The events of The Werewolf and the Wormlord take place shortly after those of the two Untunchilamon novels. Justina herself is a peripheral character for much of the novel.

Wen Endex is ruled by the Yudonic Knights who are reminiscent of the heroic characters of Scandinavian myth. The novel relates a power struggle to succeed the Wormlord, ruler of Wen Endex, between his daughter Ursula and his grandson Alfric, the protagonist. Alfric is a Yudonic Knight who has largely abandoned his heritage to work for the supranational organization of the Partnership Banks. He is drawn, reluctantly at first, into the contest to succeed his grandfather. Volume eight is notable for its original, and humorous, treatment of traditional monsters such as werewolves, vampires, and giants.

Volume nine is set on the continent of Parengarenga. For the most part, it does not deal with the events that take place on either Argan or Yestron. In this novel Cook returns to the backstory of the series first introduced in book six, the interstellar civilization of the Nexus. On Parengarenga, a Nexus combat school has survived the twenty thousand years since the link between the Nexus and the world of the Chronicles was broken.

The AI which administers the combat school continues to train students from the city in which it is located. Thus many inhabitants of the Dark Age city are trained to be members of the advanced technological civilization of the Nexus. However, none of the space-going vessels and superweapons of the Nexus are still in existence and the cadets are trained by means of virtual reality programs.

Their technological skill and advanced scientific knowledge are of no use to them in the world they inhabit. The novel deals with one trainee, Asodo Hatch, and the conflict between his loyalty to his family and people in the real world, and his involvement in what he knows to be the futile concerns of the combat school.

Book ten tells the story of Guest Gulkan, a recurring character who appears in many of the first nine novels. Guest's story encompasses the entire chronology of the Chronicles, beginning before the earliest previously related events, and ending with the close of the "Age of Darkness". Guest is a typically complex Cook character, a questing hero who begins as a thoughtless, overconfident boy of 14 and, by the time he finally fulfills his ambitions, finishes as a more self-reflective, semi-traumatized conqueror.

Guest's quest for power unites many of the most significant plot elements of the series and his eventual success is of a different order from that of the previous protagonists, giving him enough control over his world to change it entirely and bring the series to a conclusion. The underlying cosmology of the series is outlined in The Wizards and the Warriors pgs - The universe of Amarl was created by a god known as The Horn. It was a world of rock, in which stones and mountains were alive. However, The Horn was killed by another god, Ameeshoth, who proceeded to remake the universe as Lemarl, imprisoning the rocks still sentient in their current existence.

This is further expanded on in The Witchlord and the Weaponmaster , when it is explained that Ameeshoth was later attacked and destroyed by a group of Revisionary Gods.

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The Chronicles are set on a planet once called Olo Malan or, derisively Skrin , which was once part of an advanced civilsation called The Golden Gulag, which was itself part of a vast, interdimensional political entity called the Nexus. The technology of the Nexus was based upon probability manipulation. However, 20, years prior to the events of the books, the Chasm Gates that linked the planet to the Nexus were accidentally destroyed. A devastating series of wars resulted still known as The Days of Wrath , which caused untold environmental damage to the world, and reduced the population to feudal levels of technology although some advanced machines still exist.

Dark Pit is a major character in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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