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Delight in Painted Companions: Shaping the Soul from Birth in Early Modern Italy

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It is a small, intimate school offering a wide range of courses and excellent facilities. The corporate-style school building offers 18 spacious classrooms, all with interactive whiteboards and Internet-assisted technology and has a capacity to teach students.

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Good music, of course, is not exclusive to the English-speaking world, and collections devoted to the female vocalists of France, Japan, Spain and Germany are also available, but to the best of my knowledge their Italian counterparts have not been anthologised. In a country known for its song festivals, most notably the prestigious event held annually in Sanremo, lushly orchestrated ballads have always been especially popular, and a few exceptional examples are featured here.

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He had schooled himself to an incapacity to cry like Achilles and to run away like Hector, and observed with perplexed aloofness the results of his self-apprenticeship. Nature, at a certain point, singled him out as an object of well-known yet nonetheless unpleasant experiments, and endeavoured to accelerate the process of dissipation of his existence by setting in motion various regressive mutations of his organs. He did not acknowledge them and went through one illness after another or from an illness to a recovery soon obliterated by some other serious ailment.

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He did not acknowledge any of them, just as he did not acknowledge his own sweat-secretion. As far as I know not even his inventive erotic undertakings, indifferent to age, to which he did not give much consideration either, seem to have been affected by those predicaments.

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But one day I received a letter from him, sent from a small place near Baja, where he owned a house on the river. He wrote that letter to me before being hospitalised in Budapest, albeit not for a long time. The letter started with the narration of a car accident, or rather with a stop at a service station for a check, shortly before the accident. Suddenly, from those lines an icy wind rises, an icy chill such as does not exist on earth but perhaps on a planet without life and far from the sun, Neptune or Pluto; or in the formula of the absolute zero, where there is no longer any question of cold or heat.

Reading the letter, one finds oneself all of a sudden in an alien land, which mocks every usual process of perception. Everything is immobile, eternal, radically other, mute; the service station, the serviceman kneeling by the car with the fixed smile of a replicant, the tools and rivets, the solitude of the landscape, the glossy sheen of the car, the brakes not responding to the pressing of the foot, the silent crash, as if the necessary conditions for the occurrence of a physical phenomenon such as the transmission of sound were lacking.

The letter is detailed, translucent; an exact delirium, a science fiction story mingled with a Greek myth, a hybrid literary genre set between a crime story and a tragedy, a cosmic conspiracy organised like a mafia murder. Physics, as Friedrich Schlegel maintains, appears the true new mythology; its deities are merciless like Apollo, who flays Marsyas, and immane, unimaginable as the atomic flares on the sun or the sucking in force of the black holes.

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With absolute intelligibility the letter makes clear that there is no escape, that there is no possible escape for any of us. At a certain point, Zs, the obstinate victim of the deities, finds himself on the shore of Lake Balaton, on a sultry summer day. Zs is lying down on the beach, amid the rows of bathing huts. Everything can happen; the most contiguous, most concrete presence of the unthinkable is perceived, the perception of something that cannot otherwise be thought and that therefore cannot happen.

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Reading the letter, I had a view of another universe, which Zs had entered smashing a wall of space-time, exiting the modalities and categories by which our thought constructs the world. I did not understand whether it was a hoax, a literary invention, a short parable-novel or more likely the narration of a dream or whether it was the unbearable experience of another state of being. Employing the language of my halting and decent normality, I was afraid that Zs could be deranged, that he was living without mediations through his chilling paranoia, his adventure of a man hurtled to the other side.

Few days later I was in Budapest, at the clinic where he had been admitted to and would soon check out.