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The author of the Acts refers to the second part more briefly but there is no reason to assume that it was less important. At this point he explicitly presents the Christian message, i. It is the whole Christian message, revealed to all men, but acceptable only through faith. The first path of evangelization, which went from reason to faith, now follows the second path, from faith to reason. But a careful reading shows that the text does not say that.


The text speaks of a division among the listeners, produced by the announcement of the resurrection, that is, the divinity of Jesus. In fact, the concept of resurrection, as we said earlier, was totally alien to Greek culture, and as such was met by some with derision. The believers include a member of the Areopagus, Dionysius, that is, an important figure, presumably of great learning and authority, and a woman named Damaris, i. The author probably makes these remarks to indicate the variety of those who believed, and therefore the universality of the accession to faith.

Indeed, it brings together two complementary and alternative ways of presenting religion, one that goes from reason to faith and one that goes from faith to reason. The first, as St. Resurrection, for example, would be absurd without a God who, having created the world, is omnipotent and therefore can also raise people from the dead.

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The path that starts from reason, therefore, does not compel us to believe, as proven by the fact that some did not believe Paul, although they presumably shared his appeals to the god of philosophers, who was their god, the god of the Greek philosophers. This path, however, allows one to believe, clears the field of any possible obstacle to faith and opens, as it were, a space for faith, as evidenced by the fact that some others, after hearing the specifically Christian message, the appeal to faith, believed.

Everything becomes clearer for those who adhere to faith: they understand why God created the world, why He set an order that was a sign of His power, why He created man in His image, and why He wanted to redeem man of ignorance, sin and death through the death and resurrection of His only begotten Son, true man and true God at the same time. Since the first route is based on reason, which is possessed by everyone, it is in a way binding for everyone, even if not everyone is then willing to use reason or knows how to use it properly.

Proof of this is the fact that the Greek philosophers managed to attain it without the help of any revelation. The Greek philosophers, in fact, came to conceive of a God, creator and lord of heaven and earth, and a man who is intelligence, i. Today this path consists in showing that reason, constituted mainly by science, does not deem absurd, i. Since the second path is based on faith, it logically presupposes the first — not necessarily in chronological order — since faith would not be possible unless one had the concept of an absolute, transcendent and omnipotent God.

But this path is the result of free choice, because faith is an act of freedom. It is not required by reason, because after admitting the existence of an absolute and transcendent God — as many in fact admit today — one might not believe that He has saved men through His Son — as many today do not believe.

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However, faith is made possible by reason, that is, it is shown as not impossible, not absurd, not irrational, as it would be if reason were to demonstrate that there is no transcendent God and that the world can be explained entirely by itself. English edition: J. Ratzinger, Introduction to Christianity , Communio Books, , Academia de Medicina San Lucas — Chile. Le style missionnaire est devenu plus direct. MC et internationale F.

Comme le disait Jean-Paul II :. Elle est acte de foi. Comprendre cette nouvelle approche. Paul VI. Paris, Le Sarment, pp. Lettre apostolique Novo milleniio ineunte 6 janvier , in La documentation catholique , no.

The End of the World in Medieval Thought and Spirituality

Discours scientifique et parole de foi. Paris, Aubier-Montaigne, Scientifique et croyant. Prier au quotidien. La sanctification du travail. Aniceta F. Po Philippines. Manuel M. We have no employees but have lots of volunteers. But anybody can deposit or withdraw, if not instantly for the latter, just a couple of days notice will do. The start was rather providential.

In September , an oncologist friend, Dr. Carlos Dy asked for help to collect rosaries for a big activity for cancer patients, survivors, and families of living as well as demised. We called up relatives, friends, even our patients. In about 2 weeks, I personally delivered to his clinic rosaries of various materials, sizes, and colors.

So we thought everything was through. But we still received calls and deliveries of rosaries to our home and clinic. By December, piles of grocery bagfuls eased out space in our bedroom. Teachers were so appreciative and asked for regular supplies for catechetical purposes as well. We advised our donors not only to give, but to ask from us when they see a need in public grade or high schools in their area.

From this idea the word Rosary Bank was coined. I talked on the Rosary Bank. At the end of my talk, I announced over the air my contact numbers and clinic address as pick-up and delivery points of rosaries and leaflets. Before leaving, I approached Ms. Arias and asked if it was possible to ask for back issues of their books and magazines. It was a big YES! All for free, on a pick-up basis. Were we overwhelmed with initial haul of 3 vans full of catholic reading materials! These now come on a regular basis. We are now continually deluged with requests for rosaries, many times over than donations.

We never turn down requests- they are always by the hundreds, biggest single- Some public schools, poor parishes, by the thousands, but on staggered dates as they hold first communions and catechetical activities by batches. They are offered optionally, but are always consumed as some patients would ask for extras for a family member or two. They pick up materials from me and bring in completed products in continuous cycle.

Secretaries of doctors in the hospitals volunteered too. We make them nonstop as time permits.

Sky blue chalk beads rosaries are our trademark. As of this writing, we have distributed not less than 50, rosaries. We learned that time and finances are not ultimate factors in spreading the faith. But managing them is the essence. Ours is a very minute contribution in evangelization and re-evangelization, but we have vowed to take this apostolate unto our deathbeds. Su valor resulta de su existencia. Somos custodios y servidores de la vida humana en su totalidad y testimonios de la esperanza en el mundo.

La familia natural es anterior al Estado. La cultura de la muerte, en vigor en una gran parte de nuestro mundo, ha desintegrado el sentido de nuestra existencia. The term New Evangelisation needs to be understood clearly before it becomes possible for this evangelisation to become a reality. There are definitive moments and words in time which bring to mind, without effort, the author of those words.

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However, New Evangelisation in the thought of Blessed John Paul II is his response for the urgent need to evangelise but to evangelise within the new realities of this time.. This New Evangelisation preaches the Gospel in the milieu, language and signs of the modern era and reiterates the Truth so that it is understood by the listeners of this day.

see url The first two millennia saw the preaching of Gospel both in suffering and persecution but also in joy. And thus the New Evangelisation. The evangelical nature of the church is its raison d etre and could be said that this impetus finds its genesis in God Himself Who reveals and speaks about Himself through all of creation and definitively through His beloved Son Jesus. Evangelisation does this; it speaks concretely about God, life, creation, sin, redemption, and these He continues to speak about through the Holy Spirit via the Church whose work is to bring a change to a disordered world.