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Gravitational collapse: from massive stars to planets.

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Possible 2nd Planet Spotted Around Proxima Centauri

Proxima, the nearest star other than the Sun. Cape Town: Mons Mensa.

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Meet Proxima Centauri, closest star to sun

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Springer Publishing. Centauri dreams: imagining and planning. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society. It is considered a weakness because you will not be able to fully focus, you will have to leave earlier, and so on. They are very proud that they are astronauts and at the same time have families. But she also had been training a female astronaut for six months, and only at the end of the training she found out that she was a mother, and no one knew about it.

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So to me the film is a story about liberation. That is why this quote to me is so important, the idea that there is no such thing as the perfect mother. To me it is also in the title of the film, Proxima, which is the closest galaxy to our own. To come back to womanhood: I think all of the things that are related to women are still a little frightening. But even worse, spacesuits are really designed for men: broad shoulders, narrower hips. And still women have to train in them!

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