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Abridged Unabridged Original Customer Review. Add to Cart failed. Scroll down to read it in Spanish. Horseshoe arches. Tall, thin columns. An abandoned past, left behind in ruins, forgotten. And a hand that reaches out to touch it, trying to bring it back. Communities cannot know who they are if their memories are taken from them. Through her research and interviews with experts we see how little the Andalusian people know about the longest period of their own history: Al-Andalus.

As Armesto shows in this documentary, the reality of those almost eight centuries of Andalusi rule has been malignified, turned into something alien to the Andalusian and Spanish identity, to the benefit of the Reconquista Reconquest narrative. Andalusians that lived, breathed, built and died in Andalusia have been transformed into foreigners —even though they lived in the country for generations — that needed to be expelled, in order to support the idea that the Spain is only white and christian and that diversity has no place in it. This nationalist narrative that paints Castilla as the savior and unifier of Spain, which originated in the XIX century and was gleefully adopted by franquismo, has been gaining renewed support recently.

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In the last Andalusian elections, which were held in December, a political party that repeated that narrative in order to justify their xenophobic and racist program won twelve seats in the Parliament. A past where poets and philosophers, mathematicians and doctors, all Andalusian. And with this lack of self-recognition comes a lack of tolerance.

How can anybody know who they truly are if they do not know where do they come from? How can anybody embrace diversity if they have been forced to believe that they only have white heritage? How can anybody feel empathy for the other, the foreigner, if they cannot recognise themselves in them? How can anybody improve their present, if they do not know their past? Arcos de herradura. Columnas finas y blancas. Un pasado abandonado, dejado en ruinas y olvidado. Y una mano que lo acaricia, intentando recuperarlo. Aquella en la que diversidad no existe.

The Keys to Memory. March 25, Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Joe graduated from Crater High School in and immediately joined the Army where he served 13 years, 10 years as Drill Sergeant. Joe came home to S. Joe is preceded in death by his father, Joseph D. Nikodym, Jr. Joseph Nikodym, Jr. She passed away on June 25, in Medford, OR.

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She is survived by her husband, Frank Ribiero, 3 children, Sheila Newcomb Blair, David Newcomb, and Karen Newcomb, 7 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and nieces, nephews and cousins. Mickey was born at her grandparents' ranch in Prineville, Oregon on May 29, For many years she was employed as a bookkeeper for Woolworths in Bend, Oregon.

She married Franklin Theodore Callahan September and they had two children. Mickey was an accomplished individual. She was a reader and enjoyed authors such as Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell, along with countless others.


She was an avid gardener and also raised prize and exotic birds and chickens. She loved traveling, especially to the coast and San Francisco. She enjoyed walking the beaches with family and friends. She had several hobbies including knitting, crocheting, caring for her birds and flowers, and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

She was a fan of country music yet enjoyed listening and dancing to many forms of music. She will be remembered for her wonderful sense of humor, her sparkling blue eyes, her wit, and her energy and companionship. On May 19th, Susan passed away peacefully with loving friends by her side after a long struggle with cancer.

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Susan lived in Danville, California, Mexico, lived on a sailboat in the Virgin Islands, and in the early 's, she built a home with in the mountains on the south fork of Little Butte Creek, in Lake Creek, Oregon, where her parents, Paul and Alice Wendt, had a summer home, and lived on that property until a few years ago. She was a school bus driver, worked in a lumber mill, had a restaurant, was a massage therapist, and an office manager. Susan loved her Lake Creek community, having spent close to twenty years in service to the volunteer fire department there, she organized the road litter pick up crews, served as secretary to the Historical Society, and was a Grange member.

Susan will be remembered as a sweet example of gentle loving kindness, and generosity. She had a passion for meditation, Kundalini yoga, Tai Chi, and was strong in her spirituality and faith in God. She loved animals, nature, plants, and maintained a beautiful flower garden.

e-book Quienes somos en cristo (Llaves de Maestro nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

Susan was a world traveler and told great stories of her life experiences. She had style, a great sense of humor, and a wonderful laugh. We will miss her! She is survived by her brother Pete Wendt, niece Carla Gniffke, nephew Eric Wendt, and three great-nieces and one great-nephew. Judith H. Uherbelau, 80, died on June 24, in her daughters' arms. She was the loving, exacting and singular guide of their lives. As a young girl, she was precocious, studious and athletic. After graduating high school, Judy trained to be a nurse and embarked on a career that enabled her to see the country and the world.

She worked in emergency rooms across the U.

Spanish by Choice/Novelas Cortas/Print version

In Washington, D. Martin Luther King, Jr. During her service in the islands, she met a young Palauan named Victorio Uherbelau. Judy and Vic wed in , a time when interracial marriages in the United States were extremely uncommon - and in some states, still illegal. Judy and Vic separated as a couple, but remained friends until Vic's death in Undaunted by hard work, Judy went back to school as a single mother, earning a bachelor's degree in political science and economics at Ball State University and a juris doctorate from UCLA School of Law.

Looking to find a small town in which to raise her two young daughters, Judy called her brother, Bill Harriff, in Oregon who said: "You've got to check out this place! Despite being told she couldn't win as an unknown who didn't wear makeup and had an unpronounceable last name, Judy was elected to represent District 52 - by 55 votes.

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Don't let anyone ever tell you that your vote doesn't count! She went on to serve three terms in the Oregon House of Representatives where she was known for her focus on policy, not politics. Judy had a true public servant's heart.