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Surely soft, slightly herb and definitely with that special something A classical Assam from the second plucking period from one of the top plantations of the region. For almost years now, excellent teas have been produced here, just like our quality with its wiry, colourful leaf and the strong and spicy flavour with a rich malty character. A real delicacy, either drunk pure or with Kluntje rock sugar and cream, like in Eastern Frisia.


Should definitely form part of any upscale tea assortment. Probably one of the most unusual tea specialities in terms of production as well as character is produced almost entirely by hand in the Province of Fujian. Immediately after withering the still moist leaves are heated shortly in milk water steam, which conserves the pretty, lightly olive-green leaf and cup colour and invokes the distinct creamy scent and taste.

Subsequently, the leaves are rolled manually and dried. An extremely mellow tea, which we are sure, will quickly win over many new lovers. Right towards the end of the harvest, at the end of August, any surplus teas are offered at very attractive conditions. Ideal for beginners and price-sensitive tea drinkers. This tea is hand-picked on the Qingshan Tea Farm in the countryside of the province of Hunan at an altitude of approximately m. Our quality was plucked during the spring harvest, between the end of March and the beginning of April.

Only un-opened buds are selected and processed for this tea. The infusion is mild, aromatic and has a slight hay-like flacour. Flavours of fruity, sweet cream and a tasty portion of berries are enveloped delicately by a hint of flowers. A delicious lightness of true elegance is what we have achieved with this premium blend. The leaf appears very "chic" with fine Silver Needles and Jasmine blossoms. Strawberry slices complete the picture with a pretty touch of colour. A fruit tea blend of highest rank! Extra large flakes and cubes of juicy, exclusively exotic fruits form the base of this low in acid blend.

Die besten Kirschen für den Garten - die Sorte Regina

This already artful taste was further enhanced by a particularly sweet and fresh flavour combination. A very delicious ice tea, which will outshine many other juice drinks.

Much more than documents.

You should think twice before adding any sweetener. Voluptuous notes of creamy-sweet and freshly-juicy oranges in harmony with tangy lemons and the expressive freshness of spearmint leaves unite themselves excellently on the sweet character of the Rooibos tea. We offer an impressive combination with a stunning flavour diversity. Sweet, fresh , well-balanced — simply perfect!

High humidity and prevailing ground fogs gave the tea its name. These teas are nurtured and cared for following controlled organic cultivation in the western part of Zhejiang, at altitudes of m where there are lots of sunny days with not too hot temperatures.


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The finished leaf is a sight for sore eyes: rich, dark green colour, evenly worked and slightly curly. The infusion is shiny and scenty as well as smooth and grassy. For sure a tea which you should get to know a little bit closer! This very fine tea is from one of the highest plantations in Darjeeling and was the first plantation ever to be awarded a gold medal for excellent product quality in Ideal climatic conditions favour the above-average produce which again and again achieves the highest bids in the tea trade. This tea is of the finest quality, with many tips and the typical flowery, nutty flavour and taste of Darjeeling teas.

This tea from the Eastern part of the Chinese Province of Fujian, also called "Black Pearls", is carefully processed by hand by experienced tea experts in the traditional way. A pleasantly aromatic, mild and full-bodied taste with a very slight smoky note. The leaf has been rolled to pearls and has a shining anthracite color.

The infusion is medium-dark, the flower aromatic and round. An acid-free basis is embossed by the high portion of the sweet apple pieces and its red color nuance comes from the added beetroot. The flavour note is determined by tempting, sweet, roasted, caramelised almonds. It is a taste experience which your nose and palates know and love from spring and summer fun fairs, October festivals and Christmas markets. Our tip: simply try it and The tea may be brewed for 10 minutes for a perfect taste impact. A low-price, nice consumer quality for daily consumption. This Assam leaf blend is blended in our house from selected Assam qualities which are chosen from different tea plantations in the country of origin.

The infusion of these black, well processed leaves with light leaf tips is strong and dark and has an earthy-spicy taste and a malty note.

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The scent is spicy and heavy. Here we have chosen a wonderfully balanced blend of finest black teas from Ceylon and China that puts a special focus on a stronger cup. Cocoa peel and coriander underline the slightly tart yet sweet chocolate flavours of cocoa and dark chocolate. A true temptation, which you should also try with a little bit of milk. Unfortunately, decaffeinated teas did not exist back then, but we are sure he would have liked our mild variation of the famous flavored tea classic.

Decaffeinated Sencha has been ennobled with a new, natural, highly aromatic bergamot flavoring of first quality. This exquisitely elegant green tea blend offers a round and intense taste experience. The lychee fruit from China - the land of the smile - brings sweet, fruity and soft, flowery notes to this fresh, tangy Sencha. It is as graceful and light as a petal. With the berry note of this delicious fruit, the blend reaches perfection. Beside the noble rose petals and the jasmine blossoms coming from far away countries, the freeze-dried strawberries are the perfect partner in this carefully balanced combination of flavors.

When the production methods and "know-how" for the production of classical Japanese teas was transferred to China some years ago, the demand for decaffeinated Sencha soon followed suit. This decaffeinated China Sencha will satisfy the desires of any green tea lover. Well-structured leaf, lemon yellow in the cup, with a fruity, slightly tangy character and a mild and round bouquet. The popularity of wellness products has also caused a growing demand for the use of seaweed. The Wakame seaweed brown seaweed typically contains large amounts of the important trace element iodine.

We added a large amount of green Mate and lemon grass to this extraordinary blend. Lemongrass adds its fresh and pleasant aroma to the flowery green tea basis.

Πολεμικες μηχανες του μεσαιωνα

This hand-made rarity has its origin in a garden near the river Hiki in the district of Wakayama. The long pine needle-shaped leaves are fascinating. The infusion is light yellow, very clear and with the typical fresh grass scent and an intense, highly aromatic taste. Due to the small production quantities, we can only offer limited stock. From one of the highest located growing regions of the world we would like to introduce this unusual Darjeeling Oolong with a typical first flush character!

Gopal is the name of a man who, according to the Hindu mythology, was highly appreciated by the gods. Dhara means "flowing and pure spring water". Excellently worked, slightly open, curly leaves with large parts of silvery-white leaf tips and darker, fully fermented leaf portions.

This excellent tea pleases with its soft and at the same time lively and highly-aromatic taste experience and has a nutty aftertaste.