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You may renew other vehicles at any time in person at the DMV. You do not have to wait for the expiration date to approach.

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If your vehicle requires a smog check, you must have a new test completed if the last one is more than 90 days old. Credits cannot be applied to sales taxes or transferred to another person.

Certain motorists may qualify for a refund of registration fees. The criteria for registration refunds are mandated by the State Legislature and not the Department of Motor Vehicles. NRS Full or partial registration fee refunds are available to Nevada residents under limited circumstances. No refunds are issued to former residents. Specialty plate fees, sales taxes and other fees are not refunded.

Refunds are not issued at the DMV office.

The DMV will accept the refund application along with the Nevada license plates you are surrendering. If approved, you will receive a check within weeks from the date we receive the plates. If an application is denied, you will receive notification from the DMV.

All of the above criteria must be met, and at least one of the following extenuating circumstances must apply:. You should surrender the plates before you cancel the insurance. You have sold or otherwise disposed of a vehicle and will not use the plates on another vehicle. Your vehicle will be stored or under repairs for an extended period and you do not wish to keep the liability insurance or registration in effect.

Your registration fee credit will be listed on the receipt If you qualify for a refund , you must apply in person at a DMV office.

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Do not cancel online. You must use the plates on another vehicle or surrender them through the mail or in-person. Use the address below. You may also complete a vehicle resale notification to let the DMV know you no longer own the vehicle.

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This will help protect you in the event the vehicle is later abandoned. This is an option during cancelation or you can file a resale notification only.

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It means my mother receives a threat to her safety. It means my partner receives a death threat. Earlier today, we had the attorney general joke about wife beating. When asked whether they would bring forward the domestic abuse bill now that parliament has resumed, we had the government dismiss those requests, and we have had the comments that were made by the honourable member for Dewsbury [Paula Sherriff] recalling Jo Cox MP and the threats that MPs face on a daily basis — I may add that, today, I have reported to the police a threat against my child — and that was dismissed as humbug.

This is a disgraceful state of affairs, and we must be able to find a way to conduct ourselves better. It happened in a context — a context that is not dissimilar to the context we find ourselves in today. This is the kind of language and the context that led to the murder of an MP leaving her surgery of an evening in a small market town by somebody from the far right, and we cannot forget that context when we conduct ourselves.

I just wanted to put that on the record. It is a very serious point. I have a strong empathy with the objectives of the Jo Cox Foundation, and indeed I am in touch with the family from time to time, including currently in relation to upcoming events, so I am not unsighted on the issues.

I do not think any of us in this chamber will ever forget or entirely overcome our horror, revulsion and distress at what happened to a wonderful human being and the most dedicated of public servants.

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She was murdered for what she believed, for the values she held, and for her effectiveness in campaigning for them. We do not in any circumstances ever want to witness a repeat of that. He has been asked five times this evening if he would abide by all the provisions of the European Union [Withdrawal] [No. So for the sixth and final time: if he does not get a deal or a no deal through this house by 19 October, will he seek an extension to 31 January from the European Union?

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