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The "loaded glove" theory held some credence because of the seemingly extraordinary amount of damage Dempsey did to Willard's face. However, film evidence revealed Willard inspecting Dempsey's gloves before the fight, making it highly improbable that the fighter could have cheated.

Dempsey successfully defended his heavyweight title five times over the next six years, in what is considered one of the greatest runs in boxing history. Despite his successes in the ring during this period, however, Dempsey was not particularly popular with the public. He had not served in the military when the United States entered World War I in , leading some to view him as a slacker and draft dodger. Furthermore, an infamous and widely ridiculed photograph showed Dempsey at a Philadelphia shipyard, supposedly hard at work, but wearing shiny patent-leather shoes.

Strangely, Dempsey finally achieved widespread popularity when he lost his championship title. On September 23, , he was defeated by challenger Gene Tunney before a record crowd of , fans in Philadelphia. When the bruised and battered Dempsey returned to his hotel that night, his wife, shocked at his gruesome appearance, asked him what happened. A year later, in , Dempsey challenged Tunney to a rematch in a fight that would become one of the most controversial in boxing history. Dempsey knocked Tunney down in the seventh round, but forgot a new rule requiring him to return to a neutral corner while the referee counted, extending the pause in the fight.

Dempsey's slipup afforded Tunney at least five precious extra seconds to recover and return to his feet, and Tunney eventually won the fight. Although Dempsey fans argue that he would have won if not for the "long count," Tunney maintained that he was in control throughout the fight. After his second loss to Tunney, Dempsey retired from boxing, but remained a prominent cultural figure. He opened Jack Dempsey's Restaurant in New York City, where he was famous for his hospitality and willingness to chat with any customer who walked through his doors.

He also tried his hand at acting. During World War II, Dempsey put all questions surrounding his war record to rest by serving as a lieutenant commander in the Coast Guard. He had two children with Williams, Joan and Barbara, and adopted a daughter with Piatelli. He passed away from heart failure on May 31, Nicknamed the "Manassa Mauler," Dempsey ranked second only to Babe Ruth among the great American sports icons of the s. He was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in , and many commentators still rank him among the ten greatest boxers of all time.

Known for his ruthless, unbridled violence in a prizefight, Dempsey was renowned for his warmth, kindness and generosity outside of the ring.

He displayed a level of sportsmanship perhaps unrivaled in the history of the notoriously violent sport. Half-dazed and heartbroken after his loss to Tunney in the controversial "long count" match, Dempsey offered his opponent nothing but his earnest congratulations. We strive for accuracy and fairness. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! Sign up for the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives.

President Donald Trump granted Jack Johnson a rare posthumous pardon. Jack Kerouac was an American writer best known for the novel On the Road, which became an American classic, pioneering the Beat Generation in the s.

Jack Kevorkian was a U. Jack London was a 19th century American author and journalist, best known for the adventure novels White Fang and The Call of the Wild. Jack Nicholson is one of the most prominent American motion-picture actors of his generation, noted for his versatile portrayals of unconventional outsiders.

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Mike Tyson is one of the most powerful boxers of all time. In the early 90s, Tyson was considered as an unbeatable boxer who knocked out all the contenders who stood in front of him. With his intimidating demeanor and devastating two-fisted knockout power cowed many opponents into submission before the first bell. He tore through heavyweight ranks until being upended by underdog James "Buster" Douglas in His comeback was derailed by a prison sentence for rape from to He melted down in rematch, biting both of Holyfield's ears.

He has a record of 50 wins out of which 44 were knockout wins and he lost 6 matches. He has been amongst the most talked and most feared boxer of all the time, and has made an impact in and out of the ring. Memorable Bout: Knocked out Trevor Berbick in the second round in November to become youngest heavyweight champion in history. Mexico has produced many great fighters over the years but the greatest of them all was undoubtedly Julio Cesar Chavez.

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He was a boxer known for his punching power, a chin made of rock and the relentless stalking of his opponents in the ring. He was born in Sonora in and turned professional at the tender age of just He became a Mexican legend who had a record of 10 year without even a single loss. Chavez has a record of wins and 87 knockouts and lost 6 matches.

Plus Their Weight Classes, Ring Careers, and Records

He went on an incredible undefeated run of 87 fights without loss and won world championships in three different weight divisions. He won WBC super featherweight title in September He fought everyone put in front of him and never dodged a fight.

He was considered as a tough fighter who always entertained people with his boxing. Along the way, he fought and beat boxing greats like Hector Camacho, Greg Haugen and Edwin Rosario which made him not only the best boxer out of the Mexico but one of the very best ever. Taylor dominated the fight, winning the first eight rounds, but with four rounds left Chavez started the comeback.

It ended with Chavez stopping Taylor with just seconds left in the last round. Great fighters have great fights and this was one the best ever seen. Welterweight, junior middleweight, middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight. Leonard burst onto the scene by winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Montreal.

History of boxing in the Philippines

His iconic status was segmented when he came back from retirement in to defeat WBC world middleweight champion Marvin Hagler. Junior lightweight, lightweight, junior welterweight, welterweight, junior middleweight. Mayweather was born to box. His father fought Sugar Ray Leonard and his uncle was a world champion as well. The brilliant defensive fighter, still undefeated, is a five-division world champion, having won eight world titles over the past decade. He is blessed with tremendous natural abilities, along with being a skilled technician.

He won WBC pound title with stoppage of Genaro Hernandez in his 18th pro fight along with the WBC lightweight belt in , and junior welterweight belt in He defeated Carlos Baldomir to become welterweight champion last year. Rated as the current best pound-for-pound boxer in the world, a future Hall of Famer and the highest paid athlete of this world, he is surely the biggest star and the best fighter of this generation. The welterweight championship went a full 12 rounds, with the judges agreeing on a unanimous decision. Willie Pep is, quite simply, the best featherweight of all time.

He was born in in Connecticut. Pep was possibly the most elusive fighter the world has ever known. It has been reportedly said that he once won a round without throwing a punch, such were skills of movement and footwork. He won his first 63 bouts before losing to Sammy Angott, and then went before losing again, to Sandy Saddler. He was very tough, very fast and showed a big heart with many of his fights descending into all-out wars. Roberto Duran is best-known for holding five different championship titles in his illustrious career.

These include the lightweight, welterweight, junior middleweight, and middleweight titles. Nicknamed Manos de Piedra, or Hands of Stone, was an imperious world lightweight champion between and He stopped 11 of 12 contenders in defending the lightweight title. The destructive fighter moved up to welterweight to become world champion in , and was world light middleweight champion Moved up to middleweight and won a championship title at the weight in