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Storytelling: Help the Gods recover their memory! Without RAM the world is about to shutdown!!! Only the Shaman Ashtetepe has the power to refresh and offset temporarily the RAM required to make the system work. How to use the app "Memory Catcher": 1. Get the app Memory Catcher on the app-store.

Find and Frame with your digital tablet the speech bubble on each poster to start the adventure. Follow all the clues keywords in blue in the correct order to discover the end of each story. There are four stories to discover one per poster to finish the whole story.

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    Whether you're writing about your life for your family or a wider audience, these tips from memoir author Mary Karr can help you shape your story. No more resolutions to lose ten pounds, get married, have children. Laura Deutsch is a San Francisco-based writer. Back Psychology Today. Back Find Counselling.

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    Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Psychopathic, Sociopathic, or Antisocial Personality? Memory Catcher Braiding memory and imagination to craft your story. Follow Your Passions To find a rich and meaningful life, follow your passions, whatever they are. Making Money From Writing Don't quit your day job.

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