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Just telling them to share is not enough! My favorite technique is to pick my two children that seem the least likely to share nicely to show the others how we share. First I show them, and then they model it for the class. This establishes that we all know that these children understand how to share the device.

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Sand timers make it easy for little ones to share. Then the sand will run out before they have had a chance to play it, leading to frustration.

That way, nobody has to wait for a very long time to play. Here are some ways to use the iPad in a classroom where there is just ONE, and many children.

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Use it as a motivational device. The iPad can be a powerful motivator! I have had some children try very hard to learn how to write numbers once they realized that there was a reward that they really cared about waiting for them! If the work looks rushed or sloppy, the child must fix it before getting a chance to play. Use it for differentiating instruction. Even Kindergartners and preschoolers can be taught to share the iPad without intervention, with a little practice!

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Send that advanced child to work on the iPad, and give him or her headphones. Give children one-on-one time on the iPad. Use the iPad to give online quizzes, such as Accelerated Reader tests. Use the iPad for a Listening Center, setting up recordings of books in iTunes. For more information on how to use iTunes for a listening center, click here.

Let an iPad app to form the basis for a small group lesson. Let the children take turns pressing the buttons. The app showed an animation of the problem and then the children chose one answer from the list.

School-Year Screen-Time Rules from a Teacher

The children wrote their answers on white boards, and then one child pressed the button to find out who was right or wrong. Consider using YouTube or SchoolTube video lessons. Google Earth is also a great resource. Make a movie of a child reading.

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Let one child at a time create his or her story on the iPad rather than on paper. Rotate kids through using the iPad during playtime. Make it a rule that the other kids cannot spend their playtime just sitting there watching, though! They need to go play. Choose one child at a time to use the iPad as a dry erase board.

Use the iPad for classroom management and documentation. It can even generate behavior reports that you can send to parents. Use any mobile device to input data.

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In , TechCrunch reported that the average age for kids to get a smartphone was For a social media account, the average age was That same year, the American Academy of Pediatrics released guidelines on children's smartphone, app and digital media use. While they recognize that digital media can play a part in children's development as young as 18 months, they recommend an emphasis on creative, unplugged play for babies and toddlers, and a balance of screen time and other activities for older children.

You can find a few apps on the market with a recommended age as young as 6 months, such as MiniPiano a simple note keyboard app. There are thousands of apps that start at the age 2 or 3 range, including the PJ Masks Time to Be a Hero , a popular series that teaches kids important social skills, such as sharing and taking turns. The recommended age range for a particular app comes from the developer, but you are the best judge of whether apps are appropriate for your child.

High School Math with iPad

There are a number of things to keep in mind once you do decide to let you child have access to the digital world. Here is a handy checklist:. There are thousands of apps for children, and new ones pop up every day. You'll find options for your artsy child, your math wiz, and your little guy who is learning the alphabet. Check out these recommended apps for preschoolers and 21 free educational apps for kids for a sampling.

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Apps are a great way for kids to learn and interact with their favorite stories and characters. But, like everything in life, apps should be used in moderation. Keep these guidelines in mind, and make a plan that's right for you and your child. The mobile app market has exploded, and there are thousands of apps for kids.